Mirror Cabinets

Everybody knows how valuable storage space is, especially in a bathroom.  Why not multi-task your mirror and use one of our stylish mirror cabinets?

Bevelled-edge shaving cabinet
Bevelled-edge shaving cabinet

2Pac finish on all sides, starting at $129.
900 x 720 x 150
300 x 720 x 150
600 x 720 x 150
750 x 720 x 150
1200 x 720 x 150

Okay so ready for something REALLY nice?  Check out this Australian Heritage shaving cabinet.

Australian Heritage Shaving Cabinet

You can get it in any of these finishes.


and in any of these configurations…


The interior is white but the polyurethane or woodgrain finish that you choose for the rest of the cabinet will set off your bathroom amazingly.  The cabinets have soft-close doors, adjustable glass shelves, copper-free polished edge mirrors and side shelves.  They are 800mm high.

Order ahead for these beauties because we need a four week lead time before supply.  They start at about $580.  You won’t be sorry.

Available in a range of widths:
  • 750mm L or R shelf
  • 900mm L or R shelf
  • 900mm Double shelves
  • 1050mm L or R shelf
  • 1050mm Double shelves
  • 1200mm Double shelves
  • 1500mm Double shelves
  • 1800mm Double shelves

Then again…  want something a little less country and a little more CBD?

Try the Rock Vegas Mirror Cabinet.


The Rock Vegas mirror cabinet has open corner shelves on one side. You can mount them on the left or right and order them in any of our colours below. Choose from 600, 750, 900, 1050 or 1200mm wide.  They have 2 doors, 3 storage shelves and are Australian made.

Available in these finishes:

And if we’re talking you language here, then why not get carried away with us?  Dream big and do matching accessories with us!

Or you could just go a simple pencil edged shaving cabinet like this starting at only $149.  This cabinet is 2pac finish on all sides and mirrors are treated with resin emulsion paint which helps prevent black spotting.


Available in:

300 x 720 x 150
450 x 550 x 150
600 x 720 x 150
750 x 720 x 150
900 x 720 x 150
1200 x 720 x 150

But wait!  There’s more!  Maybe our Shelf Shaver is for you?

shelf-shaver shelf-shaver2
The interior can be either woodgrain or white and the cabinet itself is white.  It comes with soft-close doors, an easy access open shelf as well as two adjustable glass shelves.  It has a 3X magnified cosmetic internal mirror and the mirrors have copper-free polished edges.  They are about 1 metre high and start at around $600.  We need about 4 weeks lead time for one of these beauties.

  • 600mm (SFSC60100)
  • 750mm (SFSC75100)
  • 900mm (SFSC90100)
  • 1200mm (SFSC120100)

These are the woodgrains you can select from:

adp-glacier-vanity-brochure-page-012 (1)

Maybe you’re going for a more industrial feel?

How about the Man-Cave Mirror?

This Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet has three internal shelves and features a high polish finish.  Starting at about $169, it comes in the following sizes:


450 x 615 x 130
600 x 615 x 130
750 x 615 x 130
900 x 615 x 130
1200 x 615 x 130

Man-Cave Mirror
Man-Cave Mirror

Now finishing with some elegance again, we present to you the white-framed mirror cabinet.

Starting at $229, the white 2Pac framed mirror cabinet can blend beautifully in an all white bathroom or stand out as a clean feature on a darker wall.  It has three internal adjustable shelves.

Other Available Sizes: (mm)

600 x 750 x 150
750 x 750 x 150
900 x 750 x 150
1200 x 750 x 150